FSSC-certificate renewed

We have had our FSSC-certificate renewed, which feels very good. In addition, we have upgraded to the latest version (version 5). It feels great to continue to be La Praline – a supplier to trust! See the certificate here

Liquorice & Seasalt

Finally we have a combination of flavours in the family, Liquorice & Sea Salt. Two popular flavours combined in one truffle. As delicious in taste and texture as our other 17 flavors!


Now our latest collection is here, the Millennium Collection, which is available in our eight best-selling flavors; Natural, Sea salt, Orange, Chili, Salted Caramel, Raspberry, Mocca and Blueberries. The boxes contain 200 g, i.e. between 20 – 22 pieces. The same...

Now we have an international food certificate!

SSC 22000 is a certification for quality management system for food safety, also called Food Safety Management System, FSMS. The certification applies to producers in the entire food production, from manufacturers of food packaging to food producers. The benefit of...